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  • Innovative unitization techniques that maximize
    transportation space utilization
  • Increased safety and performance with lower energy
    and maintenance costs
  • The world's largest strap recycling program to reduce
    waste and landfill usage
  • Manufacturing processes designed to minimize waste,
    pollution and energy consumption

Committed to developing ideas for recycling and reusing the products we make, Signode's innovative Closed Loop Recycling Program enables companies to recycle used polyester strapping to reduce their packaging waste and disposal costs. It's an easy, practical and economical way to fulfill your environmental safeguarding objectives. To learn more about the Closed Loop Recycling Program or to begin participating, contact your Signode Corrugated Industry Specialist or contact us at 1-800-531-1022.

Signode continues to develop new products that help reduce waste and pollution. Manufactured with recyclable materials, our Tenax polyester strapping requires 20% less material in the production process and is fully recyclable. Additionally, Tenax strapping has more strap per coil, resulting in fewer truck shipments and less packaging waste.

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