Graphic Arts - Plastic Strapping Systems

Hand Tools

Pneumatic hand tools

The VT-16/19/25HD and VT-32HD pneumatic sealless Tension-Weld® combination tools are ideal for unitizing loads that require high tension (over 800 lbs.). The tools are easy to operate in either the vertical or horizontal position and weigh less than 10.5 lbs. Any one of the VT-16/19/25HD series or the VT-32HD can be easily installed on a Signode TS-44 lumber press.


Battery Powered Hand Tools

The BXT3-16 combination tool applies polyester or polypropylene strapping, utilizing friction weld joint technology to join the strap ends. The battery-operated BXT3-16 has a simple two-button process and ergonomic design to reduce operator fatigue.


Manual Hand Tools

Manual hand tools are the most basic form of strap application equipment. They are perfect for operations that either do not have access to power sources or do not require the speed of powered hand tools. Signode manual combination tools provide convenient tensioning, sealing and strap cut off.




AMT combination tool

The AMT seal-feed combination tool pulls up to 600 lbs. of tension. It is portable, lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for manually strapping lumber loads in areas where an air supply is not available. The AMT uses Signode's patented raised-tooth metal seals for high joint strength.